TEHOS s. r. o.
Námestie slobody 1269/3
026 01 Dolný Kubín

tel:Jurčíková 043/586 3011
Fax: 043/586 2085

tel: +421 911 923 786
Dodávateľ elektriny a plynu s celoslovenskou pôsobnosťou.
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Company profile



TEHOS Ltd is a production and trade company. It was based on 8 November 1999.
Founder and the only partner is town of Dolný Kubín. The ancestor was company Therm Ltd

Tehos Ltd has passed several evolution stages over it’s short existence time.
From preparational stage for company formation and it’s start (we would like to thank to then individual managing director – Mr.
Ing. Anton Maruniak.), through stagnation stage up to important investment actions – system of the central heat supplying.
System of the central heat supplying and pipelines system were especially at Bysterec estate in a bad condition and they required constant repairs.
Other systems at Brezovec, Banisko were in a good condition. However, the way of supplying customers wasn’t under actual, modern trends.

In 2005 the recontruction of Brezovec estate began. It was represented by disabling source on the Hollého street, pipelines replacement,
disabling of secondary heat distribution. The boiler room on Hollého street was changed to 2 gas boiler rooms on Štúrová and Mierová streets.
They were installed in buildings of previous exchanger stations. Originally linked system was divided into 2 part.
At the same time there was reconstructed system on Banisko and Matúšková street.

Reconstruction of Banisko estate was reprezented by realization of a new gas heat source. However, only a part of flats is connected, because another part created their own
gas boiler rooms.

In 2008 TEHOS Ltd began distribution of heat in new-built business zone. Investment action was finnished in 2009. In 2009 TEHOS
built new biomass boiler room with 5 MW output power in Dolný Kubín hospital’s areal.

In 2010 company took over a gas boiler room in Dolný Kubín hospital, and biomass boiler room on Matúškova street from company 6H ENERGO.
This was the last step for TEHOS to became the biggest heat producer and distributor in Dolný Kubín town.

In 2009 was seat of company moved from Pelhřimovsská street to reconstructed rooms situated at Námestie slobody 1269/3, building of an actual town cultural center.

Company vision

To became the best heat producer with safe and reliable heat production and distribution devices
and with responsible attitude to environment.

Company mission

To ensure a stable heat distrubution for our customers with the requied quality and on required time.

Dodávateľ elektriny a plynu s celoslovenskou pôsobnosťou.
Európsky fond regionálneho rozvoja